People Serious About


       We are a loosely connected group of Port St. Lucie, Florida residents searching for ways to change community attitudes about litter.  While we support programs such as the Adopt-A-Street and the Great American Clean-up Days, we believe PSL–PEOPLE SERIOUS about LITTER, independent of government, is perhaps better positioned to tell it like it is about litter and what’s being done about it.  We authenticate our seriousness by not asking others to do anything we don’t do ourselves.  We believe that lasting improvements are more likely when citizens, businesses, and government work together.  Anyone can join us.  There are neither dues nor contract commitments.  The only requirement is a willingness to pick up litter and to connect with others doing the same, “collect and connect”.   This concept comes from Boris Weinstein, an award winning litter activist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, whose example and enthusiasm has recruited hundreds to the cause.  See more about Boris at  PSL–PEOPLE SERIOUS about LITTER was launched in 2011 by Gary Smith.




       Gary, a retired Pittsburgh attorney, relocated to Port St. Lucie West in 2008 wondering about the next phase of his life.  Having a long time interest in litter control, he once fanaticized post retirement being dressed in business attire walking downtown Pittsburgh streets picking up litter to see where his efforts might lead.  After moving and reading “Don’t Retire, Rewire! 5 steps to Fulfilling Work That Fuels Your Passion and Suits Your Personality” written by Jeri Sedlar and Rick Miners he decided to follow his passions about litter in Florida by appreciatively taking an unpaid position in 2010 as a litter picker for the City of Port St. Lucie.  Gary’s opportunity with the City speaks well of Port St. Lucie.  After six months of eight hour shifts once a week removing litter riding in a city golf cart, he created PSL-PEOPLE SERIOUS about LITTER.